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EVA Foam Tatami

    These EVA mats are a non-ammonia, hypoallergenic alternative to cumbersome, heavy traditional tatami for the dojo -or-  a stylish addition to any room! The 1.4cm thick EVA foam "puzzle" tatami are silk screened and textured to have the look and feel of the real thing! They will not fray,  absorbing shock better are inexpensive and lighter than traditional grass tatami . The mats clean up simply with a wet towel and will not rot like the traditional tatami grass. They are resistant to humidity, sweat and moisture-they can be pulled up quickly for moving or cleaning the floor beneath. They will not slide as the EVA foam grips naturally to smooth surfaces. Each pack contains four 47cm x 47cm squares that fit together to create a 94cm x 94cm square half tatami. These tatami can be fitted together to cover almost any floor surface area; have an odd shaped room? No problem! These EVA mats can be easily cut to fit nooks, crannies and uneven room-space requirements quickly and efficiently!  (See pictures below for close up details!)

Completed 94cm x 94cm square

Single pack of 4 : 

Three packs of 4 or more:  $26 

Four 47cm x 47cm x 1.4cm squares per package

Close up of Silk Screen Print Close up of edges

Overall Thickness 1.4 cm Side Detail of End Piece