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Ordering & Info


Our address, telephone and fax # is:

Futago Trader, Co. Ltd.
242 Eba, Kuwana-Shi
Mie-Ken, Japan. 511-0836
Phone / FAX: #81-(0)50-1139-1553

e-mail: info@futagotrader.com


How to place an order


      To place an order, simply write an email with the item(s) you are interested in, along with the item number(s). We will then respond with a proforma invoice attached to the email in MS Word, which gives a price quote in Yen.Please do not send money for the amounts shown for any of the items listed on the website unless you have received a pro forma first. If money is sent, we will not accept the funds, and will return them promptly.


Payment options

     Only Japanese yen is accepted. We accept PayPal and money orders. Those wanting to use credit cards can use PayPal as well. As there is a great amount of expense involved with the transfer of funds from foreign countries to Japan, a service/handling is fee tallied based on the total amount of goods and shipping quoted on each order. These charges will be calculated in your pro forma as part of the total cost of shipping.

The service/handling fees are as follows:

4.2% plus 100 yen

Money Orders:
4,500 Yen flat rate.


Shipping options

     As of February, 2014 we will use ESAL as our primary shipping service. A schedule of charges can be viewed at the Yubin Kyoku (Japanese Post Office) web site here.


Book search service

     We will search for old and out of print Japanese books at the customers request. Please send us an email listing the name and author and we will attempt to locate it. We charge a 15% finders fee on top of all total item charges (item cost, shipping and sometimes bank transfer fees) accrued within Japan .


Special orders/bidding

     We will also take special orders. If you want something from Japan (and it is not illegal to ship), please feel free to request it. We will do our best to locate it at the best price available. Additionally, we will bid on Japanese auctions, like httpss://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/. We charge a 15% finders fee on top of all total item charges (item cost, shipping and sometimes bank transfer fees) accrued within Japan .


Proforma Invoice explained

     A proforma (meaning "as a matter of form") invoice is used as the official communication between Futago Trader and potential/ existing customers. It is a way to record contact information, quotes for services and record all fees and transactions for items requested, sold and money exchanged. This acts as your invoice and service quote. As the exchange rate of the dollar is changing daily and as we do special orders, the proforma invoice is an absolute necessity and the primary reason shopping cart software is not used. This also gives the customer(s) a chance to speak with us here personally and make sure that they are getting what they want and understand all charges that are involved.